Sprachwoche Brighton


All Year 5 students went to Brighton at the beginning of this school year. Our journey started on a Thursday morning in September. We went by train to the airport in Vienna, walked through check-in, bought our lunch and got on the airplane. We arrived safely in London from where a bus took us to Brighton. Finally, our host families picked us up.

On the next day, school started at 9 a.m. We did a test and were sorted in three classes depending on our language skills. Every class worked on different topics, only one was the same – graffiti. The atmosphere was very calm and nice, just as the teachers.

We also walked through the beautiful city centre of Brighton. The streets are small and narrow and there are fantastic shopping opportunities such as small souvenir shops or big shops in the shopping centre.

I enjoyed the trip because we saw the gorgeous landscape around Brighton and learned about a foreign culture. I think the trip was well-organized and everything worked out perfectly!

Clara Seebauer, 5b